Ariana Rockefeller Net Worth, Career and Family Background


Do you know who Ariana Rockefeller is? Well, she is a notorious American fashion designer who owns her own fashion line.  Even though she was born from a well off family, she also has a successful clothing and handbag line.

Her fashion line is called The SIL, and she also has a pop-up shop in Manhattan. Therefore, there is no doubt that she has an estimated net worth of $3.3 billion.

Not only that, she is also an American Show jumper and the founder of the infamous Standard Oil.



Before we talk about Ariana Rockefeller net worth, let’s talk about her career first. She started her career in the fashion industry after she just graduated from university.

She started to design and launch her own fashion line in 2011 which is called the SIL.

Apparently, her clothing line is going so well, that’s why she started another store which is a pop-up store situated in the SoHo neighborhood in 2014.

Then again, she hired a handbag designer called Bassam Ali and she started to add her own handbag line in 2015.

From her career only, you can already guess that Ariana has a lot of fortune. But, don’t be surprised because she is also known as the great-great-granddaughter of John Davison Rockefeller, the late American business magnate.

As an heiress of her grandfather’s fortune, she also works in the Standard Oil Co. Inc. as a founder.


Earning from Social Media

Not only earning money from fashion designing and working at Standard Oil, Ariana Rockefeller is also  earning money from social media.

In her Instagram account she manages to get 41.6k followers. Therefore, she can earn a lot of money from it.

The Influencer Marketing Hub states that Ariana earns approximately $213.75 to $356.25 per sponsor post with engagement rate around 5.37%.

Therefore, there is no doubt that Ariane Rockefeller has a lot of fortune. It is safe to say that she is a successful fashion designer, businesswoman, and social media influencer.

So, are you wondering how much exactly Ariana Rockefeller net worth is? Can you guess it?

Family Background 

Ariana Rockefeller is the daughter of David Rockefeller Jr and Diana Rockefeller. She was born on May 26, 1982, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

She is also a great-great-granddaughter of David Rockefeller, the founder of Standard Oil, Inc. She spent most of her childhood with her sister Camila Rockefeller in New York and Maine.

When she was 37 years old, she went to Ethel Walker school. Later on, she becomes an intern at the United Nation. Finally, she successfully graduated From Columbia University with a Bachelor of Political Science degree.


Last Words 

Ariana Rockefeller is a well known fashion designer, amateur show jumper, and of course the fifth generation of  the Rockefeller’s which is one of the most famous and important families in the United States. Not only that, Ariana is also a philanthropist because she is following her grandfather’s footsteps.